Hurry!!! Our joining offer runs until Sunday January 7th🙌
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Available on all memberships…let’s go💪
One day…or day one??? 
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Merry Christmas from all of our team here at Smudge Fitness🎄🎉
We hope you all have a wonderful day🎅
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Every year without fail we programme this as close to Christmas as possible 💪
The energy is always electric and full of festive cheer! 
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T’was the last week of the cycle before we break for Christmas for a nice deload! 
Bench, Cleans & Overhead Squat were tested and PBs were flying which proves that the programming is working 💪
Last big workout tomorrow then it’s time to feast 🦃
Huge offer🥳🥳🥳 
Join today and receive 25% off your first 3 months membership 👀
Available on all memberships…hurry only 100 spaces available…Offer ends January 7th. 
One day…or day one??? 
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Are you ready for the new classes coming in 2024? 👀
Check out our new timetable going live in January 😀 
✅ Hyrox 
✅ Gymnastics 
If you’re ready to smash your goals in 2024 get yourself booked in today via reception or drop us a message on our Instagram or Facebook🙌 
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Our new 8 week training programme will be starting on January 8th 2024🥳.
✅ 3-4 workouts per week 
✅ Exercise tutorial videos 
✅ Included in your gym membership 
Our new 8 week training cycle will be available on Train Heroic…
Make sure you get your access codes from reception ready to smash your goals in 2024🙌 
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What is Hyrox? 💥
Hyrox combines running a functional workout stations.
Functional exercises are:
• Sled push
• Sled pull
• Rowing
• Ski erg
• Sandbag Lunges
• Wall Balls
• Farmers carry
• Burpee broad jump
& of course you have running 🏃‍♂️ 
We often get asked, what is Hyrox? But honestly the best thing is to try it for yourself and see how you get on?
🚨 Attention Members 🚨
In 2024 all members will get 1 free Hyrox class!! 👀
To book your spot for the new year, message us now or book at reception 💪
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New Classes in 2024! 🥳🥳🥳
👉 Hyrox 
We are now a Hyrox affiliate & will be putting 3 classes on a week. Every Monday / Wednesday at 6:30pm & Saturday at 9am.
More details about Hyrox to follow this week 😃
👉 Gymnastics 
This will be gymnastics focused. Working on building your strength and skills in these movements. This class will be on every Tuesday at 7am & 18:30pm. 
Our new classes timetable will be up later this week & will be starting Tuesday 2nd January 2024! 😜
Make 2024 your year!!
For more info about our classes and how to get started drop us a message 📱 
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Jenni has been one of our most consistent members in the classes this month😀
She has shown great in progress in our beginners functional fitness class🔥
and is now smashing other functional fitness sessions and conditioning workouts🤙
Well done Jenni keep up the good work 😀
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Our gym member of the month for November is….Alex. 
Alex has been incredibly consistent with his training since joining Smudge Fitness🤙
He has combined his gym workouts with our new fitness classes; conditioning & total body toner to create a great weekly routine🏋️
Well done @aleeexg7 keep up the good work😀
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Are you looking to find that perfect programme going into 2024???
Check out our training programmes available to all members😀
✅ Push, Pull, Legs Split 
✅ Anterior & Posterior Split
✅ Tutorial Videos
✅ Included in your membership
Get your access codes at reception today and get a head start on those new year fitness goals🙌
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